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We use our premier carrier Lakeville Motor Express whenever possible for all deliveries throughout the Midwest states- Illinois , Iowa , Kansas , Minnesota , Missouri , Nebraska , North Dakota , South Dakota , and Wisconsin- in order to offer exceptio na l service, careful handling, and quick delivery of your new Rustic Birch kitchen to your home for curbside delivery. In order to deliver your kitchen to you home LME must be able to drive a semi tractor/trailer there and park in order to unload. Maybe you live on an island or in another area that a semi cannot drive to? You can pick up your cabinets at a nearby LME truck terminal.


This is not normally a problem, of course, but it is your responsibility to determine if a semi can drive to your home. Also, curbside delivery means that the driver will bring the individual cabinets to the trailer door and that you are responsible for carrying the cabinets from the trailer into your home. Although the all plywood and solid wood construction of our Rustic Birch cabinet makes them relatively light in weight, we recommend you arrange to have a few helpers on site and encourage the use of furniture dollies to avoid cabinet damage and lifting injuries.


We co-pay shipping to minimize your delivery cost. In fact, some deliveries may ship free to your home! Check our monthly special on our main page for details.



Upon receipt of your order for Rustic Birch cabinets we email a confirmation that your kitchen is in stock at our distribution center. If your kitchen is in stock, we charge your credit card for the order and email or call you to arrange shipping and delivery. In the event that one or more of your cabinets is not currently in stock (this rarely happens) we will email you or call you to advise you of our production schedule within 1 working day. We will not charge your credit card unless ALL cabinets and accessories are in stock and ready for shipment.


Quality Control

All our Rustic Birch cabinets are foam wrapped, corner protected, and boxed upon assembly in order to allow us to stock them for immediate sale and shipment. Because of the na ture of Rustic Birch, every cabinet door and drawer front is different and has knots and unique grain patterns that add to the character of a Rustic Birch kitchen. We could send out cabinets with no further inspection. But we donít! Once we receive your order our shipping department pulls your cabinets from inventory and opens each and every cabinet for individual inspection. At your request we will digitally photograph every cabinet and email you the pictures! If you see anything you would like to change we will switch that item and email you the picture of the replacement for your approval. In this manner you achieve considerable control over the fi na l appearance of your new Rustic Birch kitchen. We offer this unique service because we want you to LOVE your new Rustic Birch kitchen.




For some people, pictures arenít enough. They need to see it and touch it. We understand. In fact we recommend that everyone should have this option. Our sample doors ship via UPS ground the next working day anywhere in the continental US for a flat fee. Doors can be returned (less freight and a handling charge) or for a full refund if you order a Rustic Birch kitchen from us. Many of our customers prefer to keep the sample door for a design aid while shopping for countertops, paint, stain, and floor coverings. Either way- itís up to you.





Many home centers and cabinet makers offer a free design service throughout the country. We recommend that you do your homework and shop several places in your area in order to see what is available. Once you have a kitchen layout and a corresponding cabinet list, pricing your new Rustic Birch kitchen is as easy as selecting the matching cabinets from our on line store.


If you need assistance with design, simply fax or email us an accurate drawing and/ or cabinet list and weíll assist you- free of charge- in getting the Rustic Birch kitchen of your dreams at a great price and in stock.




In a perfect world everyoneís new Rustic Birch kitchen will fit perfectly. Unfortu na tely, mistakes can occur. Our policy on mistakes is simple.


If we make a mistake and we sent you the wrong cabinet we will replace the cabinet and pay the freight for the wrong cabinet and the replacement cabinet.


If you make a mistake and ordered the wrong size cabinet we will replace the cabinet if you pay the freight for the wrong cabinet and the replacement cabinet. The wrong size  cabinet must be in new condition with no screw holes or damage with the in tact carton it was sent in.


Any cabinet that has been installed can not be returned for credit. This situation can be avoided by dry fitting all cabinets before installing and by opening cartons carefully.




LME has been extremely careful in the handling of o